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Turunç Diary - April 2021


  • Pylos Hotel beach bar
  • Pylos Hotel beach palm trees
  • Güneş Restaurant make-over
  • Enjoying early spring sunshine at Güneş Restaurant
  • Upgraded upstairs area at Mermaid Restaurant
  • New retractable roof at Can Restaurant
  • Repairs to the Atatürk statue at the harbour
  • Atatürk statue after its refurbishment
  • Big changes at Es Restaurant
  • Yunos Restaurant in the sunshine
  • All change at Bob Bar
  • New PTT and Bim supermarket
  • New Meydan Bar
  • It's that time of year - pine processionary caterpillars
  • Processionary caterpillar nests
  • Orange blossoms
Pylos Hotel beach bar1 Pylos Hotel beach palm trees2 Güneş Restaurant make-over3 Enjoying early spring sunshine at Güneş Restaurant4 Upgraded upstairs area at Mermaid Restaurant5 New retractable roof at Can Restaurant6 Repairs to the Atatürk statue at the harbour 7 Atatürk statue after its refurbishment8 Big changes at Es Restaurant9 Yunos Restaurant in the sunshine10 All change at Bob Bar11 New PTT and Bim supermarket12 New Meydan Bar13 It's that time of year - pine processionary caterpillars14 Processionary caterpillar nests15 Orange blossoms 16

Welcome back Turunç Diary readers. Who'd have thought it would be a whole year with no updates! You'd be surprised to think there'd be loads to read about but not much has really happened.

Open to tourists, closed to tourists, locked down, partially open, locked down again and so it goes. We are really fortunate in the village compared to other places in that restaurants and cafes were opened in early March with restricted hours and social distancing. Restaurants have been and are still undergoing facelifts in the hope that the tourist season can go ahead. Ramadan this year runs between 13 April and 12 May when Bayram (public holiday) begins so we could expect an influx of Turkish visitors for the four days. However, latest Government restrictions mean that all our restaurants and cafes are closing again for Ramadan which should hopefully reduce the current Covid-19 infection levels in the country.

Pylos hotel have started work on the beach and beach bar, planting around 12 palm trees on the beach though they'll have to move the storm wash-up before the season starts.

Güneş Restaurant has also had a makeover and has been entertaining customers during some of the nicer days.

The Mermaid Restaurant is upgrading the upstairs dining and Can Restaurant have a new retractable roof installed.

The Atatürk statue on the harbour has been repaired and had a fresh lick of paint and work continues next door at Es. It looks like there will be a two-tier restaurant and a bar on the harbour.

In the main road Bob Bar is being repurposed to a shop, believed to be selling organic products.

The post office has moved round the corner to Chef Market and there is a new Bim supermarket next door.

Musti Restaurant closed last year and the new owner has started work.

Work on the old Meydan has come to a standstill. This was rumoured to be either a Migros Jet or a Carrefour supermarket.

Mehmet from Meydan continues work on the old M48 and it looks very promising.

Some of you longer term visitors may remember Yunos restaurant hidden away in the village. This has re-opened with Gulcihan Zeybek and her son Oljay making their famous gozlemes.

This really is a lovely time of year. Orange blossom scent fills the air, the procession caterpillars are on the move from their candy floss nests and lambs and goats are being born. Let's hope it's not too long before we are welcoming you back to this little piece of paradise.

A belated Happy Easter to you all.


Dedikodu Kız